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I’m a junior front-end web developer based in Sydney, Australia.

I taught myself to write HTML when I was 10 years old, so I could build websites about my virtual “dogz”, but it wasn’t until after I’d tried a couple of different career paths that I decided to take this side hobby more seriously.

One coding bootcamp later, I’ve found myself inspired by minimalist and quirky designs. I love working within a highly creative team who value openness and collaboration.

If you haven’t already, you will quickly discover that fluffy dogs are my all-time favourite thing and yes, I would very much like to show you photos of my furbaby.

Currently working on:

Since June 2018, I’ve been part of the engineering team at Finder.

While my main interests in development are more CSS and design focused, my work at Finder is allowing me to dabble in a variety of technologies, including gaining experience with PHP and WordPress, some React.js, and a lot of research into performance optimisation.