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Thoughts & notes on what I've been learning

Hiring for gender balance notes

22nd July, 2019

Recently I attended a webinar by Work180 titled. “Hiring for a gender balance – job advert training”. Here’s a recap of the rough notes I too. Tips for job advertisements Do not require every skill under the sun. Have a maximum of 5 requirements (in dot point form). It should be a job advertisement, not […]

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My intro to Behaviour Driven Development

6th February, 2019

We’ve recently begun looking into using Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) in our team. Here are just some notes I’ve been making as I’ve been learning about it myself. Ever heard of Test Driven Development (TDD)? If you haven’t that’s okay, but if you have from what I can tell, it’s pretty similar! From my very […]

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Handy git commands I use all the time

19th January, 2019

While studying we were encouraged to use git as much as possible, but we didn’t really go into branch management in git often, so here are just some notes on things I’ve learnt and used a lot in the past 7 months in my first developer role. This might be a long one! git cherry-pick […]

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